Saiwai Way



Saiwai-dou (Saiwai Way)

Corporate philosophy

- Proceeding together, based on trust and creativity -

We endeavor to create new values and permanently contribute to realizing a safe and more abundant society in the fields of food, health, environment, and hygiene products and services.


1.Value creation

We will create new values thorough coordinating products, information, and services suitable for clients’ needs, and also will continue pursuing businesses opportunities to create new demand, calling upon all of our employees’ abilities and creativity.

2.Safe and secure

Collaborating with our business partners and with close attention to developing ever safer products, we will offer services that clients can use with a sense of security.

3.Contribution to society

Pursuing social responsibility as a corporate citizen, we will contribute to the realization of a sustainably affluent society.


1.Being a better company

We will continue to be a company where every individual is proud of being an employee, can feel joy and gratitude in work and can realize their own growth potential, and can work with a sense of security.

2.Continuously growing

We aim to continuously grow, adapting to the changing times speedily and developing business creatively.

3.Being global

We aim to be a more global company, driving business actively both at home and abroad.

4.Improving service

We pursue high quality products and services that offer happiness and contentment to clients, bridging with our business partners.


1.Human assets

We believe every employee is a great asset and we will go forward together with our employees, creating a fair and open organizational climate where diversity of individuals is respected.

2.Sincerity and trust

Always being honest, we will build credibility with clients in a fair and sincere way.

3.Hands-on approach

We will develop and provide products and services that meet real needs in every situation through actually experiencing and understanding the places where they are used.


We will actively and constantly try new fields, implementing the PDCA cycle, and not remaining satisfied with the status quo.


We will share information, discuss freely and vigorously, and tackle problems as a team, and offer high quality solutions.


We will conduct business based on a proper sense of ethics and a strong sense of moral obligation to all stakeholders, and always, of course, in compliance with the law.