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As a sales agency of Kao Professional Services Company, Ltd., we offer and sell solutions suitable for each client.

Dining-out and Restaurants

Kitchens and cooking places ・・・ Support to make safe and secure cooking environments.

Kitchens and cooking places Image
  • Dishwashing neutral detergents
  • Strong oil washing detergents
  • Bleaching agents
  • Sterilizing agents (food additive alcohols)
  • Hand soap
  • Dishwasher detergents
  • Others

Hall cleaning ・・・ Creating comfortable environments not only for guests but also employees.

Hall cleaning Image
  • Shop cleaning detergents
  • Sterilizing detergents
  • Deodorants
  • Restroom cleaners
  • Laundry detergents
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Others





Food factories

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Supermarkets Image

On-site food services

On-site food services Image

  • Sterilizers and detergents for vegetables
  • Cleaning agents for machines and tools
  • Cleaning agents for drains and wet floors
  • Others



Hotels and leisure facilities

We offer support for on-site business improvement and to increase users’ satisfaction level.

Hotels and leisure facilities Image

Hotels and leisure facilities Image

  • Shampoos and conditioners
  • Body soaps
  • Amenity goods
  • Deodorants
  • Bathroom cleaners
  • Laundry detergents
  • Others

Medical care and nursing care facilities

We offer support to create safe and comfortable environments for all user and employees.

Medical care and nursing care facilities Image
  • Hand washers and antiseptics (moisturizer-filled)
  • Bathing care products (Bathing cleansing agents and moisturizers)
  • Excretion care products (Detergents, protective agents, and cleaning agents)
  • Environment care products (Sterilizing detergents)
  • Laundry detergents
  • Bathroom cleaners
  • Others

Hygiene products

We deal in various types of products as a trading company handling hygiene materials.

Major items handled

Wraps and aluminum foil

Wraps and aluminum foil Image

Business-use wraps for food, stretch films,
Blue wraps, Aluminum foil, aluminum cups, and others

Disposable gloves

Disposable gloves Image

Nitrile gloves, plastic gloves,
Latex gloves, polyethylene gloves,
TPE gloves, and others


Masks Image

N95 masks, nonwoven 3-ply masks,
2-ply masks (for food factories),
Overhead masks, and others

Paper products

Paper products Image

Toilet paper, paper towels,
Antiseptic wipes, kitchen towels,
Wet wipes, and others

Plastic bag products

Plastic bag products Image

Garbage bags, plastic food storage bags, umbrella sheathes,
Disposable shopping bags, freezer bags, and others

Insect pest control products

Unpleasant insect pest control products Image

Cockroach exterminating agents, small household fly exterminating agents,
Psychodidae (moth flies) exterminating agents, and others

Other hygiene products

Other hygiene products01_Image

Other hygiene products 02_Image

Other hygiene products 03_Image

Arm covers, plastic aprons, hair caps, adhesive rollers, adhesive mats, disposable gowns,
paper cups, counter cloths, kitchen shoes, brushes for cleaning, amenity goods, and others

Emergency food

Emergency food Image

Emergency food, storing water, and others

Nursing care products

We sell diapers for adults and nursing care products that help improve nursing care work and provide users relief and comfort.
Our experts who have “Omutsu (diaper) Fitter” certification offer professional solutions.

Caregivers and caregiving

Caregivers and caregiving01 Image
Caregivers and caregiving02 Image

We provide nursing care products to solve problems including shortages of manpower from the viewpoint of the real nursing care situation.
We offer solutions to create comfortable environments for both caregivers and users with our strong, cooperative
relations with manufacturers and our flexible backup systems, including holding seminars on diaper assistance.


Care-receivers Image

Offering diapers for adults and products in accordance with the needs of each user of the facility
Providing products and ideas that solve actual problems and allay dissatisfaction, we offer solutions from a perspective of those who actually use these products and help them live more pleasantly and comfortably every day.

Excretion care supply

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Excretion care supply 02_Image

Paper diapers

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Nursing care products

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