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The two divisions to meet clients’ needs

The two divisions to meet clients’ needs Image

「Food and Chemicals Division」
Edible fats and oils, food ingredients, and chemical materials
Environment-responsive products

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From ingredient proposal to new value creation

From food materials to chemical product materials, we deal in a wide variety of items. We will meet clients’ needs, offering appropriate materials.

「Clean Pro-care Division」
Hygiene products and nursing care products

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Protecting hygiene conditions through our solutions

We propose total solutions that are best and most appropriate for the entire operation of every client who needs hygiene control and we provide support for implementation.

We offer the most suitable solutions to meet clients’ problems based on years-long knowledge and abundant experiences, with advantages to procure products from various manufacturers.

Aiming to be a global company Imeage

Aiming to be a global company

Making the most of our comprehensive strength from the two divisions, we will actively develop our business in overseas markets.