CEO Message


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President and Representative Director
Yuki Nakazawa

Our purpose is to provide a variety of products in the fields of food, health, environment, and hygiene, and also to offer valuable information based on years-long knowledge and experience, bridging with companies.
In addition, we endeavor to create new values through collaboration with our clients and permanently contribute to realizing a safe and more abundant society.
In recent years, in particular, the business environment has been drastically changing. Under such circumstances, we will do our business in our way, always paying attention to problems in terms of environment, society and governance. At the same time, we will accomplish our social role as a company dealing in daily products, by understanding the trends of the world day by day.
With new aspects of the world in focus today, such as the importance of diversity and realization of sustainable society, we will make business decisions from a longer-term perspective than before and will contribute to mitigating environmental problems and social problems through our business commitment.

Furthermore, we will make efforts to realize and achieve “an ever better company” where our employees are proud of working, can feel joy and gratitude in work, and can work with a sense of security. Also, giving consideration to our employees’ health we will actively promote and invest in measures of “health and productivity management” to grow together with our employees.

Being honest at all times, with our corporate philosophy “Saiwai-dou” (Saiwai Way) featuring fairness and sincerity based on a proper sense of ethics and a strong sense of moral obligation, we will proceed together with our stakeholders in trust and with creativity. Thank you.